IVR/Toll Free Service

IVR Service

IVR or Interactive Voice Response is an automated call answering system that greets your callers when they call you. Without wasting callers and agents time IVR system can connect the callers call to the right agent and the department. A cloud based IVR is operating from the cloud and the business doesn’t need to do any hardware or epbx set up for the same. This helps reduce cost and increase the efficiency of the business. With an Cloud IVR solution the business can provide exceptional customer experience for each and every call. Business hours in IVR help the callers to be heard without deploying any man

Toll Free Service

  • Which Toll Free Number is Best?
  • If you want to build a strong business brand, vanity numbers should be your only choice as such number reflects a strict professional image of your brand. If you have a low budget for your business and you want to run it in your own area or any other specific region then, you must go ahead with a Local Number.

  • WHO should take a Toll-Free
  • Typically Businesses which are slightly large (not SME’s), can spend an extra amount of money on each call to make their end customers feel that they are valued. It is more an emotional + comforting style of marketing & branding (soft power types) to make the end consumer value their time and MONEY.

  • Easily memorable numbers
  • The vanity toll-free numbers show an easy sequence of number pattern so whenever someone looks these numbers for the first time, can remind easily to make any future call. The best part of these numbers is it presents a very strong professional image of your company brand.

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